In her first work of nonfiction, veteran civil rights activist Tina Engler (a.k.a. USA Today bestselling fiction author Jaid Black) argues that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is not merely an enabler of the Trump regime, but likely its puppet master. Funded by hard right billionaires such as Robert Mercer (a man who believes cats are worthier of life than poor people) and the Koch brothers, Engler predicts a kill-or-be-killed "civilutionary" war as inevitable under Ryan's status quo.

Using meticulous research seamlessly interwoven throughout, the author outlines the frightening similarities between Hitler's propaganda phase in pre-Holocaust Germany and the GOP's current propaganda phase under Ryan's guidance. This riveting, sobering work forces you to question whether the United States can withstand the minute by minute assault against its democratic institutions... or whether the republic will collapse under increasingly hostile weight.