Jaid Black: The Queen of Steam

No Mercy

Trek Mi Q'an Serial: Book 2 (King Rem Q'an Tal)

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Giselle McKenzie trembled as the sound of a low growl reverberated throughout the threads of her consciousness. She knew it couldn't have emitted from her date, the man sitting across from her in the quaint restaurant. Yet every time he placed his hand over hers, she heard that eerie, primitive growl...


Black on Black

Notice: Jaid hasn't had a Twitter account for several months; the current @jaidblack is a fake.

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At last — the seventh dimension explained. With the Guide to Trek Mi Q'an, readers can brush up on character profiles, map out the geography of Tryston, understand the political infrastructures of the galaxy, consult the extensive Glossary and even learn how to pronounce all the names and terms. (It's Trek Mee Khan, by the way.) Only the truly foolish dare leave Earth without it.