02/17/17:Nearly all of my titles went out of print when Ellora's Cave closed down on 1/1/17. I've been weighing the pros and cons of what to do with my backlist and I finally decided—albeit with serious misgivings—to put them in the last place I ever thought I would: Amazon. They will likely be buried there, but those titles have already seen the apex of their sales so I'm not overly concerned about it. As to future books, I'm still working that out. I've had a few offers, but I'm still feeling burnt out (at least where erotic romance is concerned) so I'm putting that issue into the things-to-decide-later category :-) 

At any rate, I will list the books available for sale at Amazon here on this page as they become available so check back often if you have been waiting to catch up on my backlist. Hopefully most of them will be republished over the course of the next month. Cheers, Tina/Jaid

​​11/19/16: Just a quick note to say Happy Holidays and to address the #1 question in your emails and letters. In brief, I'm still not ready to return to the world of fiction writing. (See the announcement below if you haven't read it yet.) That said, it is still my intention to finish the Trek serial at minimum before I consider retiring altogether. I know I owe you that much for the 16 years of patience you've shown me; I'm just sorry I haven't been able to deliver sooner. Here's hoping the next few months reawakens my muse. Cheers, Jaid/Tina




Time Travel



  1. $OLD - American Infidels 1
  2. Abducted - American Infidels 2

  3. Season of the Witch
  4. Vanished
  5. Besieged- Underground Vikings 1
  6. Warlord
  7. God of Fire

  8. Breeding Ground