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Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

February 25, 2013

I dunno either, but I figured it was probably time for another one of my boring exciting updates!

First of all, my therapy has been going really well. I have my ups and downs, but overall I've made a lot of progress since I arrived in Los Angeles back in October. I've fallen in love with the area a…

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Happy Holidays

December 6, 2012
It's been a while since I've blogged so I wanted to take the time to say Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Winter Solstice, (etc., etc.!) as well as give you a few updates. Firstly, my therapy...

Overall, I'm learning a lot of important skills and am very glad I've had the opportunity to be here…

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Leaving for Treatment

October 15, 2012

I ended up having a great time at RomantiCon®  so I'm very happy that I went despite how badly I've been doing lately. It was great to see old friends and make some new ones. The Cavemen's performance this year was off-the-charts wicked thanks to the very talented Georgio and his phenomenal choreo…

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R-Con & Vultures

October 8, 2012

As RomantiCon® 2012 approaches, I am feeling an increasing amount of pressure to attend at least 2 events there: the Cave Chaos panel on Thursday and the part of the Saturday night awards ceremony wherein Angelo's memory will be commemorated. It's not that I don't want to be there for my co-hosts o…

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October 1, 2012

I just talked to Cole— one of Ruben's dearest friends— and he was able to give me a very accurate account of what happened in those final moments. For those who need some sense of closure, keep reading, but I have to warn you that these details (in italics) will be very difficult to endure for anyon…

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R.I.P. Angelo

September 30, 2012

The world knew you as Angelo, the nickname your grandfather gave you because you had the face of an angel. But I knew the real you, Ruben Dario Riguero Brito. To me you were Angelo in public and Ruben in private, just as I was Jaid to you in public and Tina when we were alone. You kept your grandfat…

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A Tale of Orthodox Appliances

September 7, 2012

You really can't find anything better built or more top-of-the-line than Bosch so when I purchased my new home I was thrilled to see that the previous owner had installed all new, never before used, Bosch kitchen appliances. Now here's where it gets funny...

The first time I attempted to use my sta…

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Updates On Moi

August 28, 2012

Forgive me for being so removed as of late. I have been busy, busy, busy (and still am) moving into my new house. (I had forgotten just how much of a pain in the ass the moving process is... OMG!! I hate to admit it, but I'd be up Shit Creek without a paddle was it not for Jose lol)

Anyway, I have…

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I Got My New House!!

August 7, 2012

I'm soooo happy to report that I ended up getting my Tuscan-themed estate after all. Following much back-and-forth (and irritating as hell) negotiations, we are closing August 17th! Thanks, ma, for taking on the stress of negotiating with a certain mean old Italian man lol.

This couldn't have happe…

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A Tale of 2 Goobers (and 1 Mom)

August 6, 2012

The last time you heard from me I was in the midst of a very embarrassing, and very public, meltdown. I might not have taken things to the Charlie Sheen level of warlock blood and cohabitation with two broke-down goddesses, but it was a definite meltdown nonetheless. I was feeling (and still feel) v…

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Important Announcement from Jaid

August 5, 2012

Important Announcement from Jaid:

It is with a heavy heart and more than a few tears that I need to inform you of my decision to retire. I understand that I have let my readers and listeners down and for this I am genuinely sorry. Please understand that this wasn't an easy choice for me to make; I…

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Important & Difficult Update

August 5, 2012

Rather than reiterate what is already on my website, I urge you to read the announcement I made on a different blog post. I deeply apologize to all my wonderful readers whom I've let down. I assure you that my decision wasn't an easy one. ~ Jaid

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Cave Chaos Updates

August 4, 2012

We've got a couple of new sections over at Cave Chaos. The first one is Chaotic Newz, where you can stay apprised of all the new happenings on & with the show. This is also where we will announce when we start taking callers again. The newest section, my favorite section, features parodies and/or bl…

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Parents Abused By Their Kids

August 3, 2012

A friend of mine is being verbally & emotionally battered by her teenage daughter on a near daily basis. The behavior has been ongoing for about 2-3  years now and only gets worse with time. I'm writing this entry today so parents become aware that, yes, parental abuse by teens not only exists, but …

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Updates & Changes

July 21, 2012

I've got a few updates!

  1. Cave Chaos Radio is implementing several changes from now through December. Keep up-to-date on all our info in our Chaotic Newz section and on our Cave Chaos Facebook page.

  2. Don't miss our Monday, July 23rd show "Femme Dommes & Male Submission," to find out how you can win…

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I Expected More From Time Magazine

July 3, 2012

I've been in this business long enough to know that the media doesn't report news, they create it. So why was I surprised when Time Magazine decided to misrepresent, skew, and twist the facts like almost every other publication has concerning the "Fifty Shades Phenomenon?" Because I expected more fr…

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Toxic Friendship

June 17, 2012

I think the worst type of person to find yourself in a toxic friendship with is the girl/guy who tells you that you matter with words, but hasn't backed up the lip service with their behavior in quite a long time. They used to walk the walk once upon a time, so you forgive and forget on the first …

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Gloom & Doom

June 1, 2012

I'm having one of those BLAH days. You know what I'm talking about: that day where nothing goes as planned from the second you wake up until the moment you go to sleep. That day when the dreary weather outside only makes one's mood that much more... BLAH. Anyway, unless we're talking about someone i…

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Interview With Sounds Erotic

May 20, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

May 13, 2012

I hope all the moms out there have a wonderfully self-absorbed day because we totally deserve it! Every other day of the year our focus is on others so basking in what we want for a change is healthy, necessary, and should happen far more often than it does. Enjoy yourselves!

~ Jaid

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