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100+ Degrees Today

October 9, 2015

Dear God,

What. Is. Going. On. With. LA...?!%@$! OMG this is unbearable. I feel like I'm living on Mercury instead of Earth. Lord Jesus, don't tease us. End this heatwave (please?)

Love, Jaid

Dari & Gio

October 7, 2015

Now that my edits for No Way Out: Kari are complete, I've been busily writing No Way Out: Dari. I'm falling in love with this serial all over again so who knows? I may just continue it beyond No Way Out: Jana and No Way Out: Armageddon :) One thing I have to say is I couldn't have gotten this far without my ever-beloved editor, Martha. She remembers all the little details in the various worlds of Trek Mi Q'an better than I do so she schooled me a few times in the editing process. (Bamm!) You're awesome, Martha :)

Jaid xx

Balloon Men :P

October 7, 2015

Alien - I'm Back :)

October 5, 2015

Before I closed all my social media accounts I announced that I was pulling out of the Alien anthology. I did this not only because I was having difficulty focusing during such a tumultuous time, but mostly because I was worried about the other three authors. When all three told me to stay in, I was beyond touched. Their encouragement gave me the necessary confidence to finish "No Way Out: Kari" and publish the book as planned. 

It's difficult to truly know who and what you can count on. The last year has been one of the toughest of my life both physically and emotionally so I'm going to take whatever moments of happiness I can find. October 28th, the day Alien comes out, will be one of those moments. I am so happy to finally bring my readers a new installment of Trek Mi Q'an (!!) that isn't just a sidebar to the serial, but a continuation of the storyline. At any rate, I'm really hoping you enjoy it.

It took me a couple years to come to terms with the loss of Dari's story (my laptop was stolen during a home invasion,) but I've accepted it and began rewriting her and Gio's tale. No Way Out: Dari will be the next TMQ book I release, but I'm not guestimating the publication date on that one yet ;) 

Thank you for not giving up on me. 

Jaid xx

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