An alternate history of the USA:

Alice X tells the gripping story of a disadvantaged girl struggling to have a better life in a nation that turns a blind eye to its ugly past. 

This isn't War & Peace. This isn't "The Great American Novel". My only goal in writing Alice X  is to give black and white Americans alike the ability to walk a mile, or at least a few steps, in each other's shoes. I'm tired of living in a nation that is divided. I've had enough of white Americans downplaying, or sometimes blatantly denying, the reality of why all of us need to keep saying and believing #BlackLivesMatter. I'm equally fed up with the small but vocal minority of black Americans who go out of their way to find fault in every effort whites put forth to extend the olive branch. I want to live in a USA where Americans of all creeds and cultures so vigilantly defend the dignity of each other that they unquestioningly ostracize members of their communities whose actions cause division instead of unity. There is no other way; we are running out of time and chances. What we do, say, and advocate matters.

Alice X - The Awakening