Modern day Earth woman Kyra Summers is kidnapped by a seven-foot tall, thickly muscled warrior claiming to be her Sacred Mate. Life on his home planet Tryston takes some getting used to, as the laws of the world cater to erotic hedonism and leave females at the sexual subjugation of the barbarians who claim them. Enjoy Kyra's spicy escapades as she adjusts to life and love in another dimension.

Adult Time & Space Travel


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Adult Sci-Fi / Dystopian

Lulabelle: 3/15/05 - 3/16/19

Today—until God only knows when—is going to be tough. Lula has blessed my life with her love for and attachment to me ever since she was weaned from her Pug mom. I still remember the day I brought her home fourteen years ago... how small, delicate, and adorable she was. I had purposely chosen the so-called "runt" of the litter and, indeed, she could fit in the palm of one hand :-) That said, and as any human mommy of a runt will tell you, she also grew to be the feistiest of the bunch!

Thank you, Lula, for fourteen years of unwavering love. I already miss you so incredibly much, baby girl. We'll be together again one day soon, but until that reunion comes I'll be here missing and remembering your beautiful, spunky, loving soul. I love you, angel baby. Rest in Peace.


Adult Modern / Contemporary

Welcome to earth in the 23rd century, where females are rare and men stop at nothing to hunt them down and claim them as their own. A frightening virus is infecting the local population, and it’s up to scientist Nellie Kan to bring an end to the madness. When a death row inmate escapes a nearby penal colony and captures Dr. Kan, she knows she must flee from him and continue her important work. But there is more to Kerick Riley, her captor, than meets the eye…
Commander Alexandria Frazier headed up NASA’s first deep-space mission to search for other habitable planets in distant galaxies. Where only two years passed by for the crew of the Methuselah, fifteen hundred years had ticked by on Earth. Alex and her crew were prepared for that eventuality. What they weren’t prepared for was a nuclear war and the resulting catastrophic meteor shower that sent them hurling into Earth’s very distant, eerie future. Welcome to Earth in the year 100,000,007 A.D. Prepare to scream.

Adult Sci-Fi / Thriller

Dr. Kris Torrence wants to experience sexual submission to a man once in her life. With a reputation as a sedate, boring professor, Kris realizes nobody at her university will suspect anything when she signs up to work for five days at Hotel Atlantis, an exclusive gentlemen’s resort that caters to wealthy men seeking willing sex slaves. Jack McKenna has been Dr. Torrence’s long-time nemesis. When he sees a naked woman walking around the resort whose long, dark-red hair reminds him of the ice queen who will have nothing to do with him, he decides to buy her. When he sees her face, Jack and Kris will both get the shock of a lifetime.



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