The wealthy and influential Hunter family never thought much of Trina Pittman. Born on the wrong side of the tracks, Trina wasn’t considered a worthy choice as a friend for their daughter Amy. Being disliked by Amy’s parents had been tough on Trina while growing up, but putting up with Amy’s older brother, Daniel, had been brutal. Those dark, brooding eyes of his had followed her around high school—judging her, reminding her she’d never be   good  enough   for   them.   It    was 

An alternate history of the USA: 

Alice X tells the gripping story of a disadvantaged girl struggling to have a better life in a nation that turns a blind eye to its ugly past. 

A Note from Jaid:  I wrote this book under my birth name to keep it distinct from my other work. Alice X, unlike the books I write as Jaid Black, is appropriate for most tweens on up. Because there is some cursing, as well as a passage that describes the female anatomy, I advise parents to read the e-book to decide if it's appropriate for their child.

almost a relief when Amy was shipped off to boarding school, permanently forcing the two girls apart. Fifteen years later, Amy’s tragic death reunites Trina with her past…and with Daniel.

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